Occupational Driver's License

The Law Office of Troy P. Burleson, P.C. can help obtain a restricted license on your behalf if your license is suspended following an arrest for DWI. This restricted license may allow you to drive to school, work and to perform basis household duties.

Our experience criminal law attorneys have handled hundreds of license suspension hearings (ALR) and obtained numerous occupational licenses for our clients throughout Collin, Denton and Dallas counties

The Procedure for an Occupational Driver’s License

To receive an occupational driver’s license a person charged with drunk driving must:

  • Pay a filing fee for the occupational driver’s license; (Note: these fees vary from county to county. Our office can provide you with information about these filing fees in Collin, Dallas, and Denton Counties)
  • Draft a Petition for an Occupational Driver’s License and file it in the proper county court
  • Obtain an SR 22 form which shows proof that you have obtained the required high-risk auto insurance policy mandated by the State of Texas before an occupational driver’s license may be granted;
  • Present the Petition for an Occupational Driver’s License for his or her signature.

The Procedure for obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License can be complicated. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced criminal law attorney’s can guide you through this sometimes complex procedure and regain you restricted diving privileges as quickly as possible.

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More Information about a Texas Occupational Driver’s License
  • Under Texas law, an occupational driver's license CAN NOT be granted for a commercial driver's license
  • If you have a prior DWI, you may be required to install a deep lung device on your ca as a condition of receiving your occupational driver’s license.
  • An occupational driver’s license may be granted for a minimum of 4 hours a day to a maximum of 12 hours a day. This means the number of hours of actual driving time.
  • You may use an occupational driver’s license for limited purposes. These include travel to work, school and other basis household duties.
  • No more than two occupational driver’s license may be issued to any one person in a ten year period.

The experienced DWI attorneys at the Law Office of Troy P. Burleson, P.C. can guide your through each step of obtaining your occupational driver’s license from drafting and filing the petition to presenting and arguing you case before a judge. Contact The Law Offices of Troy P. Burleson, P.C. today at (469) 619-3800 for reliable and proven criminal defense attorneys in Collin, Dallas and Denton counties.

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